Comic Update

All right guys here's the deal. After much contemplating I have decided FF365 will happen... just not until 07. So the current launch date is 1-1-07. This way I can prepare comics ahead of time and not fall behind w/ updates or screw myself in school. It's better for everyone!

Tell your friends, set a bookmark, whatever. Just don't give up on us!

- Matoya
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Well, isn't that the way?

In an embarassing turn of events, we are having trouble with getting things onto the server. In hindsight, it would've been to my advantage to test this out beforehand, but rarely do I have the forethought to prepare for such things. Everything is cheerful and fill of butterflies in my world; things like the server no cooperating do not happen!

Expect a delay until I figure out how to use teh intrawebs and may this not be a sign of things to come!
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